Our Mission:

To foster the appreciation of South Carolina’s amphibians and reptiles by encouraging conservation through education, outreach, and the support of research.

About Us:

Formerly known as the South Carolina Herpetological Society, The South Carolina Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (SCPARC) was established in 2020 as an official state chapter of the Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) and as part of the Southeast regional working group (SEPARC). We are an organization dedicated to education and conservation of South Carolina’s reptiles and amphibians. These animals are integral to the health of the rich ecosystems found throughout the State’s diverse landscapes and habitats. SCPARC has created a strong collective network of researchers and enthusiasts alike who are willing to aid in education and contribute to a better understanding of these amazing creatures.


Jake Zadik

Jake has always been fascinated with the outdoors and consistently seeks ways to share his interest with others. After studying biology at the College of Charleston, Jake worked as an environmental interpreter in South Carolina and has contributed to numerous research projects – some taking him as far away as Ecuador! He has also coordinated and developed several nationally and internationally used citizen science projects helping researchers achieve conservation goals more efficiently. Learning about and conserving herps has always been at the forefront of Jake’s quest and this passion was integral to the foundation of the South Carolina Herpetological Society, which transformed into SCPARC. His life-long interest, knowledge, and enthusiasm for reptiles have earned him the nickname “Jake the Snake”.

Favorite Herp: Scarlet Snake (Cemophora coccinea)

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Dr. Jeffrey Camper

Jeff is from Aurora, IL and received a BS in Zoology in 1982 from S. IL Univ.-Carbondale, MA in Biology from Drake Univ. in 1985 & PhD. In Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M Univ. in 1990. He has been teaching comparative anatomy, evolution, genetics, herpetology & intro bio at Francis Marion University since 1994 and is the author of The Reptiles of South Carolina published in 2019.

Favorite Herp: