Mimic Glass Lizard
(Ophisaurus mimicus)

Description: Glass lizards are long, slender and lacks limbs. The Mimic Glass Lizard is the smallest of the glass lizards in its range and is generally brown with a dark mid dorsal stripe extending down the length of the body. The sides of the body have three to four dark longitudinal stripes above the lateral groove, and no stripes below the lateral groove. Average adult size is from 15 to 25 inches (38-65cm).

Natural History: This lizard was only recently described can be difficult to find. As such, little is known about its habits and natural history. It prefers dry open woodland habitats such as longleaf pine forests. Like other glass lizards, it is likely diurnal and eats invertebrates found on the forest floor. 

Similar species: The Eastern Glass Lizard (O. ventralis) has no mid dorsal stripe, and the Slender Glass Lizard (O. attenuatus) has longitudinal stripes below the dorsal lateral groove. 

Distribution: The known range of this lizard is the coastal plains from eastern Louisiana, through the Florida panhandle, and up to southern North Carolina.

Contributed by Jake Zadik (12/04/2019)