Eastern Glass Lizard
(Ophisaurus ventralis)

Description: Like other Glass Lizards, the Eastern Glass Lizard is a long slender lizard with no limbs. They have smooth scales and are tan to greenish in coloration with small black spots along the body. There are often several vertical white bars just behind the head and the underside of this lizard is pale yellow. This is the longest lizard in South Carolina and average adult size can range from 18 to 42.5 inches (45-108 cm). 

Natural History: These lizards are common in a variety of habitats, but have a preference for open damp areas. They generally hide beneath debris on the forest floor and are most active during the spring and summer. They forage under ground, or under cover for invertebrates, amphibians, and other reptiles. If grabbed they will often bite their captor and will readily break off their tail to escape. 

Similar Species: Slender Glass Lizard (O. attenuatus) and Mimic Glass Lizard (O. mimicus) will have dark stripes extending down the top middle of the dorsum. The Slender Glass Lizard will also have a series of stripes below the lateral groove. All snakes that bare similar coloration will have no external ear opening and no eyelids. 

Distribution: This lizard is found along the Coastal plain of the Southeastern United States. From Southern Virginia to the Mississippi River.

Contributed by Jake Zadik (12/04/2019)